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Get The C: Drive Back In Explorer on Windows 10

Change is a necessary part of life but sometimes it’s just $&#%^! annoying.

Windows 10 implemented a feature for us they thought was going to be awesome (among many others) and that’s “Quick Access” in Windows Explorer. If you love it, great! Get the hell out because this article isn’t for you 🙂 . But if you’re like me and you expect to open it and start navigating the same directory tree you have been since Windows 95 then here’s how to get it back

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Measure Your Phone Charger’s Performance


After testing it appears this app doesn’t really work as advertised and you’re better off just buying one of these:

I didn’t know this existed until now

This is just an FYI post as I just learned about it but I definitely plan on digging deeper into this app.

That being said if you think your phone charger sucks or maybe your cable sucks this app can give you some real data to backup your intuitions and make changes appropriately.

I just plugged in two different cables into my charger and my laptop with my phone and I was surprised to see the differences. Even between different usb ports on the same laptop!

And best yet it’s free!


DotNet MVC Single Page Application Take Two!

Shortly after writing my last post I started thinking of better ways to create a DotNet MVC Single Page application. So here it is.

First I tried translating this to Dot Net Core but unfortunately it doesn’t have a method for Request.IsAjaxRequest() and I’m not ninja enough to write my own yet (although I did try) so this example remains in C# Dot Net MVC 4.5.2.

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.Net Core Hello World Console App (in Ubuntu 16.04)

Because every new framework needs another “Hello World!”

I’ve been forcing myself to try and learn this new .Net Core and in the past I’ve wrote about writing C# code on Windows and running it in Linux using the Mono framework and recently I wrote about using .Net Core with Yeoman to start an MVC application.

This however is a much simpler example to start understanding the .Net Core framework.

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