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Refurbishing A Centipede Arcade

This is going to be fun!

It was a Friday night and I was listing some things for sale on Craigslist when I did what I do every time I’m on Craigslist and that was to check the Free listings. Usually there’s a bunch of crap in there and anything worth its salt is gone in a blink of an eye.

Which is why I was amazed to see a Centipede arcade cabinet and thrilled when the person who had it started responding to me!

Now that I have this beast in my garage I want to fix it up and document the process. I plan on adding tons of videos and pictures as I go along so stay tuned and check back often.

What’s wrong with it?

Almost everything, lol. The main board is missing, the controls are missing, the CRT has burn-in, the control board has new holes drilled in it with no controls and two torn control board art pieces, the coin drawer has no key or wires attached anymore, the marquee is missing and the list goes on.

Okay what’s the plan?

The side art is mostly intact and so is the overall structure so my plan is to gut out all of the old electronics except for the speaker (assuming it works) and:

The ultimate goal

The end goal is to have everything in the cabinet wired up to a single power switch that when turned on goes to centipede by default (with trackball controls and 1-2 player selection)  but has an escape key combination to get into a RetroPi/Emulation Station UI with additional games. Money is tight right now so some of this project may be on hold for a while but what I can test and build in the meantime I intend to document.


Testing the speaker

I removed the marquee back-light and speaker assembly to test if the speaker still had sound and this is what happened.

Starting to take shape…

Stay tuned for more to come…


Resources I’m looking at for this project,55639.0.html

Two Player Complete Do It Yourself Arcade Kit

Centipede Owners Manual


Cheap Joystick Controls and Buttons


Installing Brackets in Ubuntu 16.04

Overcoming “brackets : Depends: libgcrypt11 (>= 1.4.5) but it is not installable”

Trying to install the code editor Brackets on Ubuntu 16.04 results in the above error. Luckily though there’s an easy fix and hopefully you won’t have to spend the time I did to find it.

Terminal (command line) Instructions:

sudo dpkg -i libgcrypt11_1.5.3-2ubuntu4.4_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i Brackets.Release.1.9.64-bit.deb

Get The C: Drive Back In Explorer on Windows 10

Change is a necessary part of life but sometimes it’s just $&#%^! annoying.

Windows 10 implemented a feature for us they thought was going to be awesome (among many others) and that’s “Quick Access” in Windows Explorer. If you love it, great! Get the hell out because this article isn’t for you 🙂 . But if you’re like me and you expect to open it and start navigating the same directory tree you have been since Windows 95 then here’s how to get it back

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DotNet MVC Single Page Application Take Two!

Shortly after writing my last post I started thinking of better ways to create a DotNet MVC Single Page application. So here it is.

First I tried translating this to Dot Net Core but unfortunately it doesn’t have a method for Request.IsAjaxRequest() and I’m not ninja enough to write my own yet (although I did try) so this example remains in C# Dot Net MVC 4.5.2.

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.Net Core Hello World Console App (in Ubuntu 16.04)

Because every new framework needs another “Hello World!”

I’ve been forcing myself to try and learn this new .Net Core and in the past I’ve wrote about writing C# code on Windows and running it in Linux using the Mono framework and recently I wrote about using .Net Core with Yeoman to start an MVC application.

This however is a much simpler example to start understanding the .Net Core framework.

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